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The 50+ Most Amazing Travel Blogs

Adventures with Crystal make Fupping’s list for top 50 travel blogs around the world at #43!

Excerpt from Jacob Jacobowitz:
But there is only one problem that even the most seasoned travelers face constantly: Where to go next? The best answer for it lies in another traveler’s experiences and adventures, let them tell you themselves all about those places you are unsure about as your next destination through their own words by reading the best travel blogs.

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Is Solo Travel All it’s Cracked Up to Be?

Excerpt from Jaqueline Junginger:
Do you believe in all the solo travel hype? You’ve seen all the articles — “Solo travel changes your life! Everyone should try it at least once!” But like all things, it has its pros and cons. We’ve asked 20 frequent travelers about what they love — or hate — about traveling alone, so that you can decide whether you’re still up for that solo adventure.

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Dame Traveler:
How to Make Friends while traveling Solo
(in a Safe Way)

Excerpt from Dame Traveler:
I get it. It’s scary. Maybe you’re traveling alone, you’re lost, you’re lonely, or just plain bored. What to do? Well unless you’re hiking alone in the wilderness, chances are there are friendly, welcoming locals or tourists around you who are also wondering how they can make some “mini friendships” while away from home. It is important to make friends while traveling solo.

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Like Where You’re Going:
How to Tackle Your Pre-Travel Anxiety

Pre-travel anxiety comes in all shapes and forms and can mean different things to different people. Whether you’ve never really traveled before or you take multiple trips per year, a lot of people experience some form of pre-travel anxiety.

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